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MUBC has been working hard to roll out its Blockchain projects side of the club with help from the VP of Projects, Dhairya Desai. Feel free to reach out to him to get involved or ask about our projects at

The club has so far been in a teaching and learning phase, but we now are transitioning into more of a hands-on, experiential club. We have recently been hosting Solidity Development Workshops as a way to get our club members hands-on experience with Blockchain Development.

We have recently formed a Planning Committee for our upcoming Blockchain Hackathon, created a team to work on our Medium Blog and develop research, and formed a team to develop the point system of our Hyperledger Permissioned Blockchain Member Incentive Architecture.

MU Blockchain Club Exec announcing our Blockchain Projects.

MU Blockchain Club Exec announcing our Blockchain Projects.

Miami Univ. Blockchain Club Hyperledger or Quorum Permissioned Blockchain Member Incentive Project

Member incentive project

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Many organizations around campus, and around the world, struggle with getting their teams and members  involved and motivated. In MUBC, we have around 250 members, but not all of them are getting involved and being active in the club. A goal of ours has been to find a way to incentivize our members to come to more events and participate in projects and opportunities we provide. What's a better way to do that than to track involvement and give certain members permissions based on how much work they put in. This is why we have decided to start developing a permissioned Blockchain.


We are looking for funding to help us pay for cloud and Blockchain services. Help us fund our project!

Miami University Blockchain Club Medium Blog. Best Blockchain Research from the brightest students.

MUBC medium blog

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MUBC has formed a team of dedicated students to write research about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We have partnered with IBM Blockchain to have our Research published and sent out by their Marketing and Blog team. 

We hope to provide valuable resources to our members and give them the best opportunity to stand out from the crowd of students. We also want to provide valuable non-biased Research to Miami, Startups, and Corporations. Reach out if you have a research proposal!

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