Miami University Blockchain Club

Executive Leadership Team

Ashton Barger

Ashton Barger. MUBC MU Blockchain Club President. Leader, creative, consultant, professional, CEO


Ashton Barger is a Junior Business Economics Major and Data Analytics Minor. Ashton has a wide range of skills and interests from Business Development to Marketing to Sustainability to Website Design. Over the summer, he was a Business Development and IT intern with the Open Source Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, Loopring. Ashton is a proven leader through his work as the Project Manager at a Corporate Consulting company, LW Speer & Associates, and a member of the best PSE (Professional Marketing and Sales Fraternity) chapter in the nation. Ashton is a co-founder and CMO of CleverApply, focusing on simplifying the College Application process for International Students using the Hyperledger Blockchain. He is also a Founding Partner at blOX Consulting, focusing on Providing Valuable Blockchain Solutions, Research, and Development to clients. He has grand visions for this club in 2019, and knows he has the best Leadership Team behind him to execute it.


Jake Salerno

Jake Salerno VP of Marketing MU Blockchain Club, MUBC, Leadership team, exec, Miami University

VP of Marketing


Jake Salerno is an entrepreneur at heart, with experience in new business development and a strong business acumen. Jake takes pride in developing people and growing businesses. His passion and creativity is fueled by curiosities for understanding the world's greatest offerings. Jake founded the organization in August of 2017 with the goal of facilitating the power of Blockchain technology at Miami University of Ohio. As a “T shaped” individual with a learn it all mentality, Jake is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and an Entrepreneurship minor in the Farmer School of Business. As the former head of membership, MUBC quickly became one of the largest student-led Blockchain initiatives in the world, with a membership size exceeding 200 and operations in Blockchain education and development. He has since gone on to launch The Block Tribune - an honest and concise news source about developments in the Blockchain space. Now as the VP of Marketing, Jake will continue to leverage his skill set in order to drive growth at MUBC.


Yefe Soriano

Yefe Soriano VP of Communications MU Blockchain Club, MUBC, Leadership team, exec, Miami University

VP of Communications

Yefe Soriano is a senior ISA major at Miami University. Yefe is a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon and serving as the VP of Communications. He is spending this summer interning with World Fuel Services, where he is undertaking two different projects revolving around improving enterprise security. He hopes to become a full time cybersecurity engineer!  Yefe likes to take care of his body and mind, so in his free time you’ll often catch him exercising, reading, or cooking. In the Blockchain space, Yefe is an avid researcher of the impact Blockchain can have on information security. Yefe writes for the MUBC Blog, and does a great job communicating with clients and members of the club. Yefe hopes to obtain and retain valuable relationships with our sponsors, connections, and members. He hopes to increase the amount of conversation around real world Blockchain Applications inside and outside of the club.


Alex Kwon


VP of Human Resources

Alex Kwon is a senior Computer Science major with a Business Analytics minor at Miami University.  Alex has many professional experiences related to the IT field, which includes his current role as a Cloud Computing Intern at World Fuel Services, past ERP Development Intern at Douzone Bizon Co. Ltd in South Korea, and a past research assistant for faculties in the Information Systems and Analytics Department of Farmer School of Business. Moreover, he has been in various leadership roles on campus, including multiple executive positions in large cultural organizations and a cohort of Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute. Alex is hoping that the knowledge and experiences he gained from all his professional and leadership experiences will support him to become a successful VP of HR in MUBC. He will mainly focus on establishing various methods to make current members continuously involved and getting more members to be involved and ultimately commit his energy to improve the overall performance of the organization.


Dhairya Desai

Desai. MUBC MU Blockchain Club VP of Blockchain Projects. Consultant, developer, blOX, CleverApply.

VP of Projects

Dhairya “Desai” Desai is a Sophomore Computer Science major from Mumbai (Bombay), India. Desai has a very broad, and unconventional background: he focused on Design Technology and Business in high school, and during his gap year volunteered for various NGOs as a professional filmmaker and photographer, most notably, The Mumbai Art Collective as their lead videographer. Desai is currently the co-founder and Head of Indian Operations for CleverApply – a blockchain enabled startup based in Cleveland. His involvement in Blockchain Technologies has been fairly recent, specifically, since he represented Miami University at the Blockland Blockchain Hack-a-thon 2018, however he has done great work to design the projects for MUBC. Desai hopes to bring on more interesting projects and keep getting members technical and professional experience.


Billy Becker

Billy Becker. Finance and Blockchain, MUBC MU Blockchain Club. VP of Finance. Blockchain Consultant.

VP of Finance

Billy Becker is a Junior Finance major from Willow Springs, Illinois. He is a strong enthusiast for blockchain technology, as well as an investor in various cryptocurrencies. Billy is the Founding Partner of blOX Consulting and is very excited to do real Blockchain Development work and to provide value to companies. Billy does Accounting and Finance. Billy is focusing on growing the club's sponsors and funding to ensure growth and exciting new initiatives and partnerships. Powered by his thirst for knowledge, Billy constantly seeks to learn more about the exciting possibilities of blockchain technology. 


Karan Gupta

MUBC MU Blockchain Club VP of Professional Development. Jobs, Internships, opportunities, analytics.

VP of Professional Development

Karan Gupta is a Sophomore Computer Science and Business Analytics Co-major. Karan is a passionate coder, and hopes to become a professional at coding Blockchain and doing data visualization. He is involved with the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute, is a Resident Assistant, and does many other great activities on campus. Karan also loves working with big data and likes to analyze the numbers and rows to come up with solutions. Karan likes to teach himself new technologies, computer languages, and try to cope up with the changing world. He’ll be using his experience and would be interested in making more projects and leadership experiences for the members of the club.


Jack Gilcrest

MUBC MU Blockchain Club VP of Blockchain Research. Developer, coder, CleverApply, blOX Consulting

VP of Blockchain Research

Jack Gilcrest is a Computer Science major and Statistical Methods minor. Jack made his first bitcoin transaction in 2015, though he began programming Ethereum smart contracts and Hyperledger Fabric networks in June and October of 2018 respectively. Jack wrote a research paper where he teamed up with Dr. Arthur Carvalho explore the challenges and viability of smart contracts as legally binding contracts. Jack is determined to accelerate MUBC’s research offerings on distributed ledger technology.



Raj Chag

Raj Char Director of Social Media MU Blockchain Club, MUBC, Leadership team

 Director of Social Media

Raj Chag is a Sophomore in the Farmer School of Business at Miami University, majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He has been peripatetic, having been brought up in four countries; Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and India, and has attended 7 schools before being admitted to Miami University. Although Raj has only recently gotten involved with Blockchain Technologies, he has developed the skills for his position interning for trading companies in Brazil and in China over his time at Miami. His goal is to increasingly grow our social media to give MU Blockchain Club a national brand and footprint. We hope to be respected in the Blockchain community outside of Oxford and create great content our members and followers can learn from and engage with.

Sam Groth


Director of Recruitment


Sam Groth is a Sophomore Computer Science major and Data Analytics minor from Lemont, Illinois. Being a new addition to MUBC Sam is hoping to learn from those who have been involved in the club and blockchain in order to boost his own understanding of the technology. He hopes to leave a lasting impact on the organization and bring in new minds who can propel the club even further. With another three years of learning ahead of him, he has a lot of room to expand his horizons and there's no doubt MUBC is the place to do so.

Strategic Advisors

Jeffrey W. Merhout



Jeffrey W. Merhout is an Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He holds a Ph.D. and MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive). He has information systems consulting experience in several industries, including financial services, manufacturing and retail. His current research interests focus on: agile software development project management; blockchain; sustainability issues with information technology and sustainability solutions offered by information systems; IT governance, information risk management, IT security and information systems auditing; and recruiting underrepresented students into the information systems major. He has presented and published his research at numerous MIS conferences and in journals, including the Communications of the ACM, Communications of the AIS, Journal of Information Systems Education, Information Technology & People, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, Review of Business Information Systems, and Information Systems Control Journal.


Dr. Arthur Carvalho

Dr. Arthur Carvalho. Blockchain Professor, ISA, Analytics, Private Blockchains, mentor, Data.



 Dr. Arthur Carvalho is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Analytics at Farmer School of Business, Miami University. His research interests lie at the intersection of Information Systems, Analytics, and Decision Analysis. In particular, Dr. Carvalho works on the development of mathematical techniques and decision support systems that assist decision makers in making better decisions.


Patrick Young




Patrick Young, former President of MUBC, founded the organization in August of 2017 with the goal of jumpstarting blockchain in academia at Miami University of Ohio. During his 18 months in office, MUBC quickly became one of the largest student-led blockchain initiatives in the world, with a membership size exceeding 200 and operations in blockchain education and development. He has since gone on to launch two startups – The Block Tribune and Block Key Capital – and is working as a Research Assistant for the Information Systems & Analytics Department at the Farmer School of Business. 

Patrick serves as a strategic advisor for the Miami University Blockchain Club, where his experience and expertise will help future generations of blockchain enthusiasts find their way in this exciting space.