Executive Team

Patrick Young


Patrick Young is a Senior Marketing major at Miami University’s Farmer School of Business. Patrick has a diverse background, spending time living throughout four countries. Patrick began his involvement with Blockchain and distributed ledger technology after his most recent move to Zürich, Switzerland, dubbed the ‘Blockchain – Valley’. Since then, he has actively facilitated Blockchain understanding within the Miami University community. Alongside his colleagues, Patrick founded the Miami University Blockchain Club (MUBC) and is currently developing MUBC’s first Blockchain solution.



Jake Salerno

Director of Marketing & Media

Jake Salerno is a Senior Architecture major and Entrepreneurship minor at Miami University. Jake began his involvement with Blockchain this past summer while running his startup business An Extra Hand in the Greater Boston Area. Jake takes pride in developing people and growing businesses. His passion and creativity is fueled by curiosities for understanding the world's greatest offerings. 



Jack Gilcrest

Head of Blockchain Research

 Jack Gilcrest is a Computer Science major and Statistical Methods minor. Jack made his first bitcoin transaction in 2015, though he began programming Ethereum smart contracts and Hyperledger Fabric networks in June and October of 2018 respectively.  

Jack wrote a research paper where he teamed up with Dr. Arthur Carvalho explore the challenges and viability of smart contracts as legally binding contracts. Jack is determined to accelerate MUBC’s research offerings on distributed ledger technology.



Billy Becker


Billy Becker is a Junior Finance major from Willow Springs, Illinois. He is a strong enthusiast for blockchain technology, as well as an investor in various cryptocurrencies. Powered by his thirst for knowledge, Billy constantly seeks to learn more about the exciting possibilities of blockchain technology.



Olivia Pinales

Head of Membership

Olivia Pinales is a Senior Marketing major from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her passions include blockchain, fashion, and business development. As an executive member of MUBC, Olivia aims to use her talents to improve the organization’s structure, and ensure the group’s long-term success.



Ashton Barger

Head of Professional Development

Ashton Barger is a Junior Business Economics major and Data Analytics minor at Miami University’s Farmer School of Business. Ashton has a wide range of interests in sustainability, marketing, business development, and became interested in Blockchain when he began his sophomore year. The next semester he came onto MUBC as a Social Sustainability Research Chair, which helped him secure an internship for the summer in Shanghai, China, for a decentralized crypto exchange called Loopring. There he gained a better understanding of the technical side of Blockchain, conducted business development, compiled research reports, and ran social media pages. He hopes to lead MUBC members to professional success in the Blockchain field. 



Jeffrey W. Merhout


Jeffrey W. Merhout is an Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He holds a Ph.D. and MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive). He has information systems consulting experience in several industries, including financial services, manufacturing and retail. His current research interests focus on: agile software development project management; blockchain; sustainability issues with information technology and sustainability solutions offered by information systems; IT governance, information risk management, IT security and information systems auditing; and recruiting underrepresented students into the information systems major. He has presented and published his research at numerous MIS conferences and in journals, including the Communications of the ACM, Communications of the AIS, Journal of Information Systems Education, Information Technology & People, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, Review of Business Information Systems, and Information Systems Control Journal.



Dr. Arthur Carvalho

Dr. Arthur Carvalho



 Dr. Arthur Carvalho is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Analytics at Farmer School of Business, Miami University. His research interests lie at the intersection of Information Systems, Analytics, and Decision Analysis. In particular, Dr. Carvalho works on the development of mathematical techniques and decision support systems that assist decision makers in making better decisions. 



Research Committee

Myles McNeal


Zach Wolf

Supply Chain

Kyle Freiman


Jack Gilcrest

Smart Contracts

John Zottola

Environmental Sustainability

Daniel O’Leary


Joseph Nelson


Patrick Young

Traditional Markets

Benjamin Moorman


James Grisanti


Alex Kwon


Cristion Brown


Steve Onak

Health & Fitness

Brandon Storey


Thomas Wright

Distributed Systems