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 The MUBC Consulting Group was formed to engage MUBC members by connecting them with real clients in the field of Blockchain Technology. Members will get a chance to gain experiential learning from industry professionals and equip themselves with the skills that they will require when they look for jobs after graduation. The MUBC team believes that networking and social capital are as important as technical proficiency for people looking to work in the technology sector. By working with real businesses, members will have the opportunity to grow their professional network, which they can leverage for future projects. The MUBC Consulting Group’s organizers have three goals for the club and its members:

·   Experiential Learning with real clients – Students learn presentation, decision making, communication and management skills that enable them to develop and execute their ideas in a team setting.  

·   Engagement with different types of applications of Blockchain technology - The focus will be on giving students the opportunity to explore the field of Blockchain technology and involve them with businesses applying Blockchain technology in new and interesting ways. This a unique opportunity since students work with people who are at the forefront of this nascent field allowing them to learn about applications that are not being taught in classrooms.

·   Community and network building – Give students the opportunity to interact with the Blockchain community and build a network of like-minded people from Miami and across the U.S.

Blockchain is a technology in its primitive stages, and thus information and knowledge about the field is not as readily available as relatively older technologies such as web development, AI, or machine learning. Therefore, along with a focus on professional development and technical involvement, the Group aims to give interested and passionate students a head start in this field. 

What Can We Offer Your Organization?

The MUBC Consulting Group leverages MUBC's 180+ members and our network of upwards of thousands of students at Miami University to create the best possible teams for any type of project given to us. Our projects can range from Development, Marketing, Research, Finance, Design, Accountancy, and much much more. We prefer to include projects that relate to Business and Engineering, but have the ability to add any type of skills to the team. We mainly work with companies that are focusing on using Blockchain technology to disrupt an industry. We work with all sorts of companies from startups and established companies, to private ventures and small businesses.

We don't charge companies up front for our work, but companies are encouraged to help fund the club if they get significant value out of the project. This funding helps our club to be able to pay for events, workshops, speakers, meetings, growth costs, and operating costs. We believe through adding on more projects, MUBC will gain more recognition and respect not only in the Blockchain space, but throughout all Universities that are researching and doing work in the field. We hope to work with your company or organization and encourage you to apply at the bottom of the page.

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Current Projects


This project is still in it's infancy and we will update the site as soon as we get farther on the project. It is focused on the education sector and putting documents on the Blockchain.

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