2019 Miami University Blockchain Conference

About the Conference

Come join us on Sunday, February 17th, for a day of wonderful speakers with many great insights and topics relating to Blockchain. The whole event will run from 9 am to 7 pm with many guest speakers ranging from CEO's of startups, to Blockchain leads of large organizations, to students that have made their own successful companies. The topics and applications will include; Supply Chain, Accounting, Finance, Venture Capital and Investing, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Law, Government, and Sustainability. It will be very applicable and interesting to anyone attending, and especially students from Miami or any other University!

Not familiar with blockchain? Don't worry, we will have a helpful pre-conference talk from 9:40 to 10:00 am so you can understand Blockchain inside and out. There will also be post-conference workshops starting at 5:15 pm so you can get hands on with Blockchain coding. We hope that you will walk out of Armstrong with not only a knowledge of Blockchain, but a new-found passion for the technology. It will give you great knowledge of a disruptive technology, and help you apply it to any career path you take.

If you are unable to attend the conference on that day, feel free to tune into our live stream of the event! Also, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube page, where we will be posting videos from all of the talks.


If you are a student, professor, alumni, or professional, we welcome you to please register below in order to attend! The conference is FREE for everyone to attend and so is the food. We hope to have students and professors from all around Ohio and elsewhere. First come first serve, and spots are filling fast!

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Luke Sully


Former Global Blockchain Lead for Security at IBM, and CEO of CusDG

Charlie Lougheed


Co-founder and Partner at Unify Project. Managing Director of the Lougheed Initiative. Believer in Blockchain for Socioeconomic benefit

Patrick Young


Former President and Founder of MUBC, and Co-founder of Block Key Capital

Ashton Barger


President of MUBC and Co-founder and CMO of CleverApply 

Main Stage Schedule

No upcoming events.