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Agile/Scrum 101 Workshop at Farmer School of Business Miami University. Hosted by MU Blockchain Club

Agile/scrum 101 Workshop

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MU Blockchain Club will be Hosting an Agile/Scrum 101 Workshop on Wednesday, April 10th from 6-7pm in FSB 1006. Jake Salerno, the VP of Marketing at MUBC, will be explaining the Agile technique and why it is widely used by Software companies like Microsoft  and AT&T. Scrum is the art of doing twice the work in half the time, and is probably the most efficient way to manage projects, especially when there is software involved. Please come out and learn through our first of a new series of Professional Development Workshops!

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about the teacher

Jake Salerno - MUBC Marketing VP

 Jake Salerno is an entrepreneur at heart, with experience in new business development and a strong business acumen. Jake is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and an Entrepreneurship minor in the Farmer School of Business. Jake will be explaining a valuable project management technique that he has learned through multiple Entrepreneurship Classes.

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