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Miami University Blockchain Conference hosted by MU Blockchain Club. MUBC speakers, students, event

2019 Miami University Blockchain Conference

About the Conference

The event was hosted on Sunday, February 17th, and was a day full of wonderful speakers with many great insights and topics relating to Blockchain. The whole event ran from 9 am to 5 pm with many guest speakers ranging from CEO's of startups, to Blockchain leads of large organizations like P&G and Deloitte, to students that have boldly pursued their passions and built their own startups. The topics and applications included; Supply Chain, Accounting, Finance, Venture Capital and Investing, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Law, Government, and Sustainability. The event had around 100 attendees in person, and another 200 that live streamed the event through our YouTube page, where we have also posted videos from all of the talks.

Speakers said the event was very professional and up to par with other large Conferences put on by companies like Blockland Cleveland. MUBC plans to host the Second Annual Miami University Blockchain Conference next Spring. Our next big event is our Blockchain Hackathon coming up in the fall. We are always looking for sponsors!

Conference in the News

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Live Stream

Keynote Address

Luke Sully



Luke Sully is founder and CEO of Custody Digital Group, a UK/US digital asset custodian. CusDG provides an insured, highly secure, institutional-grade custodian service for a variety

of digital assets and blockchain based information systems for organisations,

consortia and governments. 

Industry/Government Speakers

Wendy Henry


Managing Partner and Blockchain Lead for Government and Public Services at Deloitte  

Vasanthi Chalasani


Director of IT & Shared Services at P&G

Chris Berry


Chief of Staff at Ohio Treasurer's Office 

Startup Founder/CEO Speakers

Charlie Lougheed


Co-founder and Partner at Unify Project. Managing Director of the Lougheed Initiative. Believer in Blockchain for Socioeconomic benefit  

John Squires


Co-Founder of Finclusive.

Partner and Chairman at Dilworth Paxson, LLP

Michael Hiles


Founder and CEO of 10XTS

Student Startup Presenters



 CleverApply is working on the College application process to remove inefficiencies for international students and Colleges, by eliminating redundant fees and services with the Hyperledger Blockchain.

Block Key Capital


Block Key Capital (BKC) is a US-based research and investment firm dealing exclusively with the emerging cryptoasset class.  Founded by current Miami Students

blOX Consulting


A Student-led Startup for Blockchain Consulting. They plan to help individuals and startups with research and implmentation of Blockchain Solutions. Founded by Ashton Barger, Billy Becker, Jack Gilcrest, and Dhairya Desai