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MUBC's First Blockathon

About the Blockathon

This past Fall, Miami University Blockchain Club hosted its first annual Blockchain Hackathon and Business Model Competition, dubbed the "MUBC Blockathon 2019." It was a 3-day event where students from top undergraduate programs across the United States traveled to our beautiful Oxford campus at Miami university and transformed their ideas into reality.  We had students from many majors attend and participate, not just Computer Science major or Engineering students. Over these 3-days, we watched people who share our passion of doing awesome things with technology, and it was a learning experience for students of all skill levels!

We collaborated with some big companies and provided the participants with a collaborative

environment, amazing prizes for innovative programming, and a great competition.

You all must be wondering what is a hackathon? A hackathon is an event where people get together, form teams, build something new to solve a problem, and have fun doing it! Some project ideas that were presented included websites, mobile apps, robots, and more!

A 3-day-long hackathon is not everyone's cup of tea. Only the most passionate, driven undergraduates made time in their busy schedules to participate at Miami’s hackathon and code their brightest ideas into reality. 

Blockathon 2019 Results

We had many teams who worked very hard to create great presentations for our judges in both their business proposals as well as teams who additionally produced technical implementations of their ideas.

The winner of the business case competition 

In addition to our hard working teams, we also had 7 judges who were willing to dedicate their weekend to help create the success of our first Blockathon:

  Miami University Farmer School of Business professor Arthur Carvalho
- CPROP Co-Founder Adam Koehler
- Procter & Gamble Director of Next Generation Shared Services Vasanthi Chalasani
- Custody Digital Group VP of Business Development Patrick Young
- Multicoin Capital analyst Spencer Applebaum
- 10XTS Founder and CEO Michael Hiles
- 10XTS CTO John Bentley, II
- Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation Executive Director of Venture Finance Kelby Price 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do I need to know about blockchain to compete?

A: None, though a basic understanding is recommended. We will also have education sessions for those who want/ need it before and during the competition. We will also have professional mentors that will be walking around the rooms all weekend. There are also learning resources here.

Q: Do I need technical (coding) experience to compete?

A: NO! There are separate technical prizes of around $300, however, the majority of the prize pool does not consider technical demonstrations, only a business model.

Q: How do I compete/ participate?

A: Theorize a business model that is reliant on a distributed ledger (Blockchain). You should pitch a blockchain solution that provides new value and solves a business or world problem.

Q: Do I need to use a specific blockchain technology?

A: No. Any distributed ledger technology (DLT) is acceptable. If the core concepts of DLT are adhered to in your idea/ pitch, you don't need to specify any exact blockchain.

Q: What criteria will my pitch be evaluated with?

A: Professionalism, creativity, validity of the business model, ability to scale, the understanding and implementation of Blockchain in the model, and the usefulness of your solution. You will have 10 minutes to  present, with an extra 5 minutes if you have a proof of concept. We will send out the final rubric during the event.

Q: What will I learn/ gain from this experience?

A: The ability to explain blockchain to friends, colleagues, and employers, multiple cash prizes from a pool of around $1000, and a free t-shirt to remember the event by. Also, the ability to gain and solidify connections with other University students, professionals, and alumni.

Q: Do I need to be there for the entire event?

A: Not exactly. You need to be there to register and present, but you will regret not being in Benton or Farmer on Saturday as we will have professional presenters and blockchain developers mentoring you through your struggles. We will also have free food throughout the weekend in the Engineering school. However, you can do your work wherever if you so choose.

Q: Do I need a team?

A: Yes, teams of 3-5 participants will compete. If you do not have a team, we will assist you in finding one by Friday, November 15th.